Collection: William Zimpel

William Zimpel is a postwar and contemporary artist whose works are characterised as Modern Abstract Figurative Art. 

The exhibition includes artworks from 1983- present, and is the embodiment of William’s personal vigour. We look forward to showcasing William Zimpel’s original artworks in the CC gallery. 

William Zimpel, born in Perth in 1935, is a postwar and contemporary artist who began painting in the 1980s until the 1990s, paused and recommenced at the dying wish of his beloved wife, Judith in 2021. 

Zimpel Stems from a long line of creative entrepreneurs . His grandfather moved to Perth, Western Australia from Hungary in 1884, and established Zimpel Furniture. 

William Zimpel was once the honorary Naval Aide-de-camp to 2 Governors of WA and joined the Academy of Fine Arts under Artist Twin Garde. 

William's first works in the 1960s date back to the time in which Zimpel resided in Darlington, Western Australia alongside renowned artists Robert Juniper, Irwin Crowe, George Voudouris.  and Guy Grey Smith. Later, he settled in the Blue Mountains and opened his own studio. Throughout the years, Zimpel has completed study tours through Europe. His works have been exhibited in the Sydney BLAKE prize, Allegro Gallery in Sydney and Canberra. 

Zimpel's works are characterised as Modern Abstract Figurative Art. The energy of his work his work is immediately apparent, whether in the presence of curves and languorous free line strokes in his earlier figurative works or in the more recent abstracted geometric forms. William Zimpel works spontaneously, guided by the stimulus of rhythm, line and colour. 

This exhibition includes only some of the work Zimpel has produced over the last 40 years and is the embodiment of his personal vigoour.