Collection: Julia Freiseisen

Her work ranges from large-scale abstract to traditional oil paintings which are showcased in exhibitions, public spaces, and also open for commissions.

Through the careful arrangement of neutral tones and gentle forms, she creates compositions that are balanced, visually appealing, and emotionally resonant.

The process of bringing her art to life begins and concludes with inspiration. Julia finds inspiration in a multitude of sources, both in the tangible realm of the external world and within her own inner thoughts. 

She takes elements from nature and combines them together in a manner that is guided by her intuition. Being a deeply sensitive individual, Julia is profoundly influenced by external stimuli, and painting serves as a means for her to navigate and channel her emotions. The finished product that we see on the canvas is a mirror image of her internal landscape.

Julia urges the audience to dedicate a moment to carefully examine the artwork, going beyond its surface. This calls for a period of observation and comprehension, not only of what is immediately present, but also of what lies within ourselves. Julia holds the belief that the artwork possesses its own essence, yet once it is beheld by the viewer, it takes on a new narrative.