Collection: Jorge Kilzi

Thrilled to introduce Jorge Kilzi Mush lamps to the Cleo Collects gallery. These are comprised of two mushroom-shaped lamps made entirely of fibreglass and organic resins.  This opaque material allows light to spread outwards, imbuing a warm glow and ambiance into any interior - existing as both a practical light source and ornamental piece.  Jorge shares that his project began with no particular form in mind but later found a resemblance to mushrooms when complete - which he also shares a fascination for the fungi kingdom. 

As a grown man, Jorge’s sensibilities of his childhood took him all the way to Japan, where worked as an architect in the offices of Sejima+Nishizawa Associated Architects/ SANAA and Junya Ishigami. Swiss architecture, which seemed in contrast, firm and steady, called upon him on a different basis, a return to order but also a reconnection to nature. A recent trip to Mexico and the mesoamericas, felt to Jorge as forgiveness to his early history and aesthetics. 

Driven by years of immersion in exotic culture and architectural experience, in 2018, he made the decision to become a freelance architect and artist, going from fields of architectural visualisations to ceramics and furniture, giving special attention to drawings and decorative motives. Every piece is expressed in simple forms and delicate emotions, where fluid silhouettes accompany each other like a soul in companionship.